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A One Stop Place for Procurement Information in Tanzania

A free procurement app is transforming the tenders landscape in Tanzania, broadening supplier participation due to an increased supply of data. The Zabuni app, links government and private sector contractors with suppliers throughout Tanzania. One of Zabuni’s key unique selling propositions is that it collates all tenders from the government, the private sector and international development in one place. This gives suppliers a reference point for new opportunities. Tanzanian law dictates that all public procurement entities should publish tenders, awards and related procurement information on the Tanzanian National E-Procurement System, which is the online portal managed by the Public Procurement Regulatory Authority. Zabuni (which means ‘tenders’ in Swahili) does not have a formal relationship with TANePS, although it does source data from the national procurement agency’s portal. Zabuni’s founder, Victor Vincent, says future steps include launching more content in Swahili and monetising the app to cover overhead costs. The app’s popularity has not compromised its security or integrity: Vincent has not identified any cases of fraud or manipulation so far.