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A Museum to Address a Largely Forgotten Part of Kenya’s Past

Using eye-witness accounts, documents and field visits, Kenyan and British historians from the Museum of British Colonialism are now building an online archive of the period when Britain ran prison camps in the decade before Kenya’s independence in 1963, complete with 3D recreations of some of the camps. They were set up to jail activists and sympathisers during the Mau-Mau uprising of 1952-1960. In 2013, Britain made an out-of-court settlement of 20 million pounds to five claimants represented by the Mau Mau Association, and a public statement of regret for abuses committed. Founded in 2018, the online museum is getting a second lease of life from the Black Lives Matter movement catalysed by the May 25 death of George Floyd in U.S. police custody, and its questioning of “official” versions of history.