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A Menu Sample of Dishes to Try When in the Seychelles

A staple in tropical countries, breadfruit has a similar taste to potatoes but with an amazing aroma of baked bread. In Seychelles, it is mostly made into mash or chips or roasted over an open fire. The salad palmis, also known as the ‘Heart of Palms Salad’ or ‘Millionaire’s salad’ due to the labour that comes with getting the palm hearts, is a local delicacy consisting of coconut, red peppers, green tomatoes, avocados, green mangoes, coriander, and mint. Being an island destination, seafood is a dominant feature on any menu in Seychelles, and one of the most common and most loved dishes is grilled fish. Seychelles has created its own version of shark chutney. Made with ground shark meat, bilimbi, lime, and turmeric, shark chutney is served with many of the creole main dishes. Sosis Sale (salted sausage) and sosis kreol (creole Sausage) are two types of sausages found in Seychelles, and they make up this popular household dish of sausage rougay. Two types of cassava are found on the island of Seychelles, a sour one and a sweet one called mayok dou, which is the one used as an ingredient in making cassava pudding cake – vanilla infused baked treat topped with coconut for some crunch.