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A Lack of Stable Work has Left Limited Options for many Qualified Young Congolese

DRC  churns out thousands of graduates every year — but the country’s congested labor market is struggling to accommodate all of them. Many freshly qualified young people find the transition from academic institutions to the labor market a daunting endeavor, especially as most jobs are created within the country’s informal sector — over 88%, according to figures from the International Labor Organization — resulting in a scarcity of formal employment opportunities. Many jobless Congolese blame Congo’s saturated job market on the reluctance of older workers to retire and make way for a younger workforce. The plight of Congo’s educated youth underscores the urgent need for action to address unemployment. With an overburdened job market, the dreams and potential of the nation’s young graduates are turning sour. As the country approaches its presidential election in December, the question of how future leaders will confront this crisis looms large and demands meaningful solutions.