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A Hero’s Welcome for the Lions of Teranga

The President of Senegal, Macky Sall, has awarded cash prizes and plots of land to members of the national team after last weekend’s victory over Egypt in the African Cup of Nations. The Senegalese beat Egypt 4 – 2 on penalties to become Africa’s football champions for the first time. “We dreamed of the cup, you built this dream and you made it come true. Finally, the Africa Cup of Nations is here with us. You have made us proud by making the name of Senegal resound all around the world. You have honoured the nation, and in return, the nation you are so proud of owes you honours”, said the president during a speech. During the ceremony, the Senegalese president appointed team members to the country’s prestigious Order of the Lion. The team’s captain spoke movingly about the meaning of this victory.