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A Great Recognition for the Work of Female Peace Builders in Cameroon

The 1st National Women’s Convention for Peace in Cameroon, an umbrella group with 80 member organizations, will receive the German Africa Prize presented by the German Africa Foundation. The foundation has been committed to strengthening relations between Germany and Africa for 45 years. Since 1993, the foundation has awarded the German Africa Prize to outstanding personalities from the continent who have made exceptional contributions to democracy, peace, human rights, arts and culture, economic development, science and society. The 1st National Women’s Convention for Peace is the largest and most far-reaching network of women’s organizations focusing on peace in Cameroon. It was established in January 2021 and consists of 80 groups that represent the 10 regions of Cameroon, as well as up to 25 distinct social categories of women. The women called for an immediate cease-fire, a resumption of dialogue between the government and separatists in the English-speaking regions of Cameroon, a place for women at the negotiating table, the strengthening of disarmament, demobilization and reintegration centers and the creation of psychosocial support centers for war victims in conflict regions.