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A First of its Kind Mine in Africa, Uniquely Employs an Entirely Female Workforce

The Zimbaqua aquamarine mine in Karoi, Zimbabwe, employs women only and pays them a fair salary. The gem mine keeps environmental impact as low as possible. Zambiqua was founded in 2019 by Patrick Zindoga and Iver Rosenkrantz to create unique opportunities for women. Cofounder Zindoga said the idea initially received push-back. “People thought the concept was ludicrous. It was the usual argument that ladies cannot do what men can do,” Zindoga explained. “It was a no-brainer for us because we know how to institute business models that work. Women are more trustworthy, committed, and responsible as they are expected to be pillars of strength. We have given them on-the-job training and the ladies have caught up. They are doing better than we expected and I think they will put men to shame.”  The firm currently exports to India and Thailand. It is opening a jewelry line to showcase the aquamarine mined by its all-female workers.