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A-E-I-O-U – Gisèle Human’s New Waif Film by Frankie Nassimbeni – Addresses Mental Health

Inspiration comes in many forms. For Waif, a new jewelry collection from Gisèle Human, it can be traced to depression. Made all the more severe with the pandemic, the designer looked to art as a means of coping, and her works are meant to express an identification with the sorrows shared by so many during this time. What began as a therapeutic exercise soon inspired the creation of Human’s statement earring collection, capturing the range of emotions she explored. With a strong desire to reflect this process and bring mental health to the mainstream, Nassimbeni went about communicating this through A-E-I-O-U. “Self-care and attention to our relationship with the self has never been more important,” he says. “We wanted to make an artwork that strongly advocated for the transformative actions of meditation, mindful togetherness, expression, and the pursuit of calm.”