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A Debt-as-a-service Model to Provide Empowerment-focused Products for Banking Agents in Africa

Akin Jones and Wale Akanbi, lead a team of innovators at Aella, building a diversified credit payments platform with over 2 million users, offering a raft of financial services to underbanked users across Africa with a focus on lending. This strong team of innovators have one big goal, to build products that help foster financial inclusion in the African continent. Aella piloted as the first digital lender in Africa, then known as Aella Credit. The goal was to provide quick and easy credit to Nigerians. The ultimate goal for Aella is to build and provide products that democratize financial services, thereby alleviating poverty and driving economic progress in Africa. With 11 leading agency clusters signed up, Aella has piloted the Debt-As-A-Service strategy with the Nigerian market and plans to scale across the African continent.