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A Curious Tale is Unfolding in Nigeria’s Fintech Scene

It all began on an eventful Friday, April 28, 2023, when Payday, a well-known startup offering virtual card services, sent out an email to its users. The message carried a mix of reassurance and caution, informing customers of upcoming changes to their card services. While promising a swift resolution, Payday advised users to ensure they had enough money in their accounts to cover their card transactions. Meanwhile, Chipper Cash, another prominent player in the Nigerian fintech arena, faced its own challenges. The company announced a non-refundable fee of for transactions declined due to insufficient funds. Payday and Chipper Cash were not alone in their struggles, as several other card providers grappled with the complexities of the landscape, leading some to temporarily suspend their card-issuing services. The main culprit here is Nigeria’s turbulent economy. Everyone agrees making international payments in Nigeria and other parts of Africa is a real hassle.