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A Crackdown on Anti-UN Protests Resulted in more than Three Dozen Deaths

Clashes in Congo between armed forces and members of a religious sect protesting Western organizations’ presence in the country have resulted in dozens of deaths, local officials reported Thursday. Congo’s army violently broke up a protest in the city of Goma. Demonstrators were venting their anger against the United Nations peacekeeping operation and other foreign organizations after footage of an attack on a policeman circulated on social media. On Thursday, protesters accused the army of firing indiscriminately at civilians. The army said 160 people were arrested amid the unrest. The head of the International Red Cross branch in Goma, Anne-Sylvie Linder, said her clinic had received many patients with serious stab and gunshot wounds after the protest. The UN peacekeeping mission in eastern Congo, MONUSCO, expressed its condolences in a statement and said it remained concerned by the threats of violence.