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A Blockchain Fintech Soultion for Southern Africa

Pan-African fintech startup KamPay has launched a blockchain-based financial platform that is at the same time a payment system, a wallet and a lottery. Launched this year, KamPay comprises a digital wallet and token, which combined with ZymPay, a fiat payment gateway that presently exists between South Africa and Zimbabwe, will facilitate easy crypto-to-fiat exchanges and encourage simple onboarding with fiat, whether it be Zimbabwe dollars or U.S. dollars. At the same time, the wallet includes messaging, so works like an encrypted blockchain messenger, as well as a lottery. To set up the lottery, KamPay has acquired all the appropriate documentation – lottery licenses, state licenses, registered and regulated licenses – in seven African countries, where the project will be launched. Funded via private investment and an IDO on BSCstarter, KamPay says it is constructing the gateway for providing financial inclusion, providing language functions, providing fiat to crypto and supporting those functions, as well as supporting the tokenization of currencies.SOURCE: DISRUPT AFRICA