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A $1 Billion Fund to Bolster Green Hydrogen Projects in South Africa

In an unprecedented alliance, South Africa, the Netherlands, and Denmark have unveiled a joint fund – the SA-H2 – dedicated to bolstering green hydrogen initiatives in South Africa, tapping into its abundant wind and solar resources. The fund, totaling $1 billion, was launched in Pretoria, South Africa yesterday, with an initial seeding of $50 million from the Dutch investment body, Invest International. The remainder of the fund is set to be raised over the subsequent two years, with numerous stakeholders including the Development Bank of Southern Africa, Industrial Development Corporation, and insurance firm Sanlam stepping up to support the cause. The fund will be expertly managed by the Dutch Climate Fund Managers. The fund is expected to stimulate significant advancements in the green hydrogen sector, offering early investment opportunities in a technology set to play a transformative role in achieving global emission reduction targets. These investments are likely to be lucrative, given that South Africa’s COP27 presentation revealed the country is targeting $250 billion in green hydrogen investment by the year 2050. Emphasizing the spirit of collaboration underpinning the fund, Ramaphosa highlighted the diversity of the SA-H2’s support base, extending beyond state entities and private sector players to include organized labor and NGOs, with all parties hoping for productive social and economic gains, alongside the environmental benefits.