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80 Governance Experts from across Africa Discuss the Latest Developments in the Sector

“Democratic governance in Africa is facing severe headwinds, particularly at the level of supply,” Afrobarometer board chair E. Gyimah-Boadi warned at a conference in Accra. Speaking on “The future Africans want,” Gyimah-Boadi shed light on the aspirations of African citizens as well as challenges and their implications for democratic governance on the continent. Sharing insights from the latest Afrobarometer data, based on surveys in 36 African countries in 2021/2022, he noted that a majority of Africans prefer democracy over any other system of government and endorse democratic norms, institutions, and practices such as multiparty competition, constitutional limits on presidential tenure, and free media. However, while the desire to live under governments that are democratic and accountable remains fairly strong among Africans, some worrying trends have emerged as popular subscription to democratic norms and institutions has waned in several countries.