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8 Unique Careers You Might Like

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If being stuck in a run-of-the-mill job just isn’t for you, then there is a wealth of fascinating and out-of-the-box careers that you can explore.

Ruth Jephthah, HR Manager at Oxbridge Academy, a private college that serves more than 20 000 South African distance learning students every year, provides a list of eight unique careers that you might want to explore:

1. Beekeeper

“Beekeepers are agricultural workers involved in the raising of bees. As a beekeeper, you will play an essential role in ensuring the supply of products such as honey, wax and specialised beauty products. Wearing protective equipment, you’ll be tasked with ensuring that beehives remain healthy and productive. If you’re scared of bees, then this isn’t the job for you. But it can certainly be exciting and rewarding if you enjoy the thought of working with these important little insects. Most professional beekeepers have some sort of qualification in agriculture or zoology,” says Jephthah.

2. Antique appraiser

If old and valuable objects fascinate you, then being an antique appraiser could be the perfect job for you. “In this career, you’ll be assessing the value of a wide range of objects, discovering some real treasures along the way. As far as qualifications go, you may need some type of financial qualification before getting into antique appraising. But a lot of the job involves your own intensive research into antiques.”

3. Drone pilot

Drone flying is one of the most unique careers out there and in today’s modern world, drones are used for several purposes. According to Jephthah, these range from land surveillance to photography and videography, search and rescue missions and even deliveries. “This has given rise to a need for qualified drone pilots. So, while drone flying is an entertaining hobby, you can also turn it into a fun filled career! To become a drone pilot, you will need to get a pilot’s license to fly unmanned aerial vehicles.”

4. Bodyguard

This job certainly requires some bravery, and you’ll usually need the right physical attributes too. “Famous people and politicians often require the protection of bodyguards. And the job can be a glamorous one with many benefits! If you are prepared to risk some danger, then this career could be for you. A qualification in security will set you up for a job in this field,” says Jephthah.

5. Food critic

Imagine being able to eat at top-class restaurants for a living! Food critics get to do just this, dining out at glitzy establishments, assessing the quality of the food and experience on offer. Jephthah explains that you will usually be working for a magazine, website, or newspaper, meaning that apart from discerning taste buds, you need solid writing skills. “Qualifications in hospitality and writing will therefore prepare you for a job as a food critic.”

6. Jewellery designer

Jewellery design is the perfect career choice if you’re a creative, artistic person who loves the beauty of jewellery. “As a jewellery designer, you’ll plan the style and pattern of jewellery, including necklaces, rings, bracelets and other pieces. Creating a beautiful piece of jewellery is a highly rewarding project. These artists learn their skills and knowledge through specialised qualifications in jewellery design.”

7. Aircraft marshaller

Aircraft marshallers are responsible for safely guiding aeroplanes and helicopters before departure and after landing. “This involves using a variety of body and paddle signals to communicate with the pilot and getting them safely in and out of parking bays,” says Jephthah.  “They also make sure that runways and parking areas are free of foreign objects, vehicles and pedestrians. You’ll need to take a specialised course to become an aircraft marshaller.”

8. Snake handler

While many people get shivers at the mere thought of a snake, others have a fondness for these unique creatures. “If you’re one of these people, then you could consider a career as a snake handler. These brave souls are tasked with removing snakes from areas such as houses or workplaces, and they may also work at places such as reptile parks. To become a snake handler, you need to take part in a snake handling course.”

“The saying goes that if you love what you do you never work a day in your life. This rings true for all types of careers, whether rather unusual like some of the ones listed above or whether more conventional in nature. It all boils down to what fulfils you and ignites your enthusiasm, so look for a career that taps into your passion,” concludes Jephthah.

If taking up any of the above options involving the fields of agriculture, finance, security management, and hospitality seems like a good career choice for you, contact Sanet at Oxbridge Academy: 021 1100 144 or email snel@oxbridgeacademy.edu.za.  Alternatively, visit https://www.oxbridgeacademy.edu.za/courses/

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