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8 Lisbon Restaurants for Discovering the City’s African Diaspora                                     

In recent years, Lisbon has been a popular travel destination, but many may not be aware that it hosts a sizable African population and some excellent African cuisine. Immigrants from Portugal’s former colonies in Africa established a foothold in the city, and their culinary influence continues to reign strong today. From Cape Verdean cachupa eaten over Creole conversations and blaring morna rhythms, to Mozambican crab curry from an award-winning chef in the Mouraria neighborhood.    If your artsy, pan-African grandparents opened up their living room and turned it into a restaurant, it might look something like Casa Mocambo. Bringing a bit of Cameroonian spice into the mix, Mimba’s African Cuisine is a must-visit when you’re in the Moscavide area. Put all your trust in Tambarina to be your introduction to Cape Verdean food—or a guiltless indulgence in a plate full of nostalgia.