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8 Android Apps That Help In The Struggle Against Climate Change

If you’re looking for ideas to protect the planet and ways to become a climate warrior, look to your smartphone for inspiration. You can help reduce emissions and find ways to lead a more sustainable life with these eight  Android apps recommended by Alcatel:

1.       Ecosia

We often don’t recognise the environmental impact of the digital tech we use, but data centres are a significant source of carbon emissions. Ecosia is a search engine that uses its profits to plant trees. It’s powered by solar energy; plus, it cares about its users’ privacy.

2.       Environment News

Free, one-stop access to environmental news and views from around the world in a single app.

3.       The Planet App

The Planet App is a tool that will help you to protect the planet. Learn how to have carbon-conscious habits, receive daily tips on how to reduce your carbon footprint, save your daily achievements, and earn points that allow you to move to the next levels of your path towards sustainability.

4.       Environment Challenge

Environment Challenge is your guide to changing the planet and making it better place for future generations. It offers daily news; challenges to take, points to score and levels to achieve; real-time air quality; and a sound pollution detector.

5.       Earth Hero

Earth Hero empowers you to take positive, practical action in response to the climate emergency. It connects you to a movement working to address global warming and rapid extinction. You can discover hundreds of ideas for healthy, sustainable ways to live in areas such as travel, food, energy, and advocacy.

6.       EatMorePlants

A vegan recipe app that is updated each week with tasty, nutritious, and easy recipes that inspire a healthy and sustainable way of eating. App creator, Jenny, reports that a plant-based diet changed ger way of living, improving her energy levels and health.

7.       Vegetarian and vegan recipes

This is the app for you if you want to prepare delicious, healthy vegetarian and vegan versions of the most iconic recipes in Italian cuisine. It’s a cookbook full of appetizers, first courses, main courses, salads, side dishes, delicious cakes, children’s recipes, quick dishes and more.

8.       Depop

Depop is the second-hand fashion marketplace where you can explore your style. Help reduce fashion waste by shopping for preloved stock or selling your old threads to others.