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7 Young African Women Dominating the Turntables     

Across the globe, there’s an astonishingly low percentage of DJ’s who are women, and of that number even fewer are African. Inroads are being made, however, by an intrepid and talented group, whose sets have the clubs vibing and the music world paying attention. Kikelomo is a DJ, Presenter, Boiler Room Host and co-founder of Accra-based community radio station, Oroko Radio, and quite frankly? She’s not here to play with any of us! As a producer, songwriter and vocalist, Janice Iche has their fingers in many pies. Always wearing their Kenyan and Tanzanian roots with pride, they mix songs and sounds that show the impact of US and UK drill music on Africa. Alba Hamukwaya, fondly known as Alba Nalo, is an award-winning DJ who started off her career back in 2012, at a time when female Namibian DJs were few and far between.