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6 Things to do When You Buy Your First Home

You have finally bought your first home, but before you even move in, you need to think like a homeowner and start planning for your needs, says Samuel Seeff, chairman of the Seeff Property Group.

Seeff says these six things should be on your to-do list as a new homeowner.

#1 Security

If you have bought in a security complex or estate, find out what the access and other security arrangements are. If you have bought a free standing house, and the property is well secured, find out if you need to transfer any response system to your name or if you need to add additional security measures such as an alarm and response company.

If you are buying a second-hand home, then you should consider changing the locks for safety reasons. Remember to ensure that you have a spare set of keys which you could always arrange to leave with your parents or someone close in case you ever need assistance. Guard your keys carefully so as not to lose them, especially during outings.

#2 Electricity and utilities

Many new homes have electricity meters so ensure you get the number timeously so that you can purchase electricity as soon as you take occupation. Regardless, you will need to ensure that the municipal rates and taxes account is in your name and that the correct address is listed so that you can ensure timeous payment of services. Check with neighbours regarded rubbish removal days.

#3 Internet and fibre

Ensure that you transfer existing or apply for internet services. Certain fibre services cannot just be transferred, and you may need to apply in your own name to get the service to continue. There is often a delay of up to a month for new installations so ensure you book that at least one month before you are expected to take occupation.

#4 Satellite television

You should likewise plan to transfer your satellite television service. Your new property might not even have the necessary facilities, especially if it is an older home, so be sure to check and make a relevant service booking well in advance. The sooner you book the better because there may be a two week wait depending on the service provider.

#5 Insurances

Your property should have two types of insurances. The first is homeowner’s insurance which will cover the actual building against a range of risks, but not the household contents. Your household contents and belongings will need to be insured by taking out household insurance for that purpose.

#6 New house essentials

It is also advisable to make a list of necessities and source these before you move in. Items such as dish cloths, soap, towels, toilet paper, salt and so on are often overlooked. Don’t forget curtain accessories and an ironing board. Any new homeowner will need a small supply of basic tools including spare plugs, screwdrivers, a hammer and nails for basic needs around the house.