Fri. Jul 3rd, 2020


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55 People Arrested For Looting Shops In Cape Town

55 People Arrested For Looting Shops In Cape Town

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At least fifty businesses have been looted in Cape Town during the COVID-19 lockdown.

The City of Cape Town said that 44 liquor stores and six grocery stores had been looted.

This week, a number of shops were looted in various parts of the city, including Manenberg, Mitchells Plain and Athlone.

The City of Cape Town said that 55 people had been arrested for looting businesses.

Forty-five people were arrested for looting liquor stores and 10 arrested for small retailers.

Most of these incidents occurred in Mitchells Plain and Manenberg.

The municipality said that it was advising shop owners to change their approach by either serving customers through security gates, or where feasible, to hire private security guards in high-risk areas.

Director of Law Enforcement Robbie Roberts said that the city was following the police’s cluster approach.

“The eight clusters within the metropole and the cluster commanders have their own operational plan and the metro police, traffic and law enforcement operate the South African teams in these clusters.”

He added that they had a metropole reaction team that are currently assisting the cluster approach and would assist with crowd management and looting issues in priority areas.


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