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Water Is Life

54-Hour Water Disruption Monday Parts – Gauteng

In Johannesburg, Rand Water’s 54-hour shutdown set to start on Monday has led to the postponement of the city’s first council meeting.

The shutdown will result in low pressure or possibly no water in many areas.

Residents around the country are faced with water cuts and poor infrastructure as aging infrastructure fails. Ferial Adams from OUTA to discuss the water challenges faced by the country

The Johannesburg Metro Police Department says this will also affect licensing services,

testing stations, and the payment of traffic fines.

Licensing offices and testing stations will not be staffed at capacity.

They will also only be open until midday on the affected days.

The traffic fines office in the Johannesburg CBD will be completely closed.

Motorists are being encouraged to pay fines online.

All JMPD services are expected to return to normal on Thursday.