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Golf Estate Living

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Golf Estate Living

  • 3 min read

Golf Estate living comes with plenty of benefits beyond having a quality course on your doorstep! Here are 5 things you may not have known about life in a Golf Estate.

A Sense of Community

When you buy into a residential suburb, you’re investing in a diverse area where people may have chosen to live because of affordability, proximity to work and schools, or are renting because the flexibility suits them. Buying into a golf estate means that you’re investing in a lifestyle desired by a specific group of people – they’re more likely to be at a similar life stage, share your values and should share a passion for the game itself.

Some might argue that estates can function as a ‘bubble’ of sorts, with the increasing prevalence of on-site restaurants, schools and leisure amenities making estate life increasingly insular, so weigh up the balance of convenience versus the opportunities you afford yourself to offer your family diverse life opportunities afforded by things like travel.

Steady Property Values

The effect of access control and increased security at an estate goes beyond providing improved security and better peace-of-mind. It brings with it an air of exclusivity, and definite reduction in criminal activity.

At Blair Atholl Golf & Equestrian Estate, near Lanseria, the median price of a freehold property in 2019 was R9 million, showing increases of 20% over five years and 200% over the nine years from 2010, while mean residential property values across suburban South Africa declined by over 4.8% (adjusted for inflation) over the same period.

Better Facilities

Golf estate living also comes with the benefit of excellent shared facilities within the secure confines of the property, most of which are established and maintained on the back of pooled resources, like levies. 

Paul Marks, GM and Director of Golf at Blair Atholl, uses the example of the Village Green restaurant at the heart of the estate. “We have a pizza oven, jungle gym, big screen TV’s – plenty of options,” he says. “The Village Green is a major hub for families and fosters a real sense of community, alongside the obvious convenience”. The estate also boasts a school, 24km of excellent MTB trails, Urban Savanna spa, equestrian facilities and fully-equipped gym, alongside the Gary Player-designed Championship golf course, which are all accessible to residents.

Natural Splendour

Apart from the advantages of being surrounded by manicured greens and pristine fairways, golf estate living also often gives residents the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of nature, right on their doorstep. Many estates are situated outside major urban centres, giving residents the opportunity to explore the surrounding area. 

Blair Atholl is adjacent to the Renosterspruit Conservancy, means that residents can enjoy the wonderful bird life, a variety of antelope including waterbuck, springbok, impala, mountain reed buck, inyala and kudu. Proximity to the Cradle of Humankind also offers up educational opportunities for the kids, as well as the chance to participate in all manner of outdoor activities from cycling to hiking.

Assistance with Planning & Building

Golf estates generally have a pre-determined set of architectural guidelines for residents wishing to build or alter properties, which can be a blessing in terms of getting things done faster. An Architectural Committee will meet regularly to assess submissions, and can give quick feedback to owners to get plans changed, updated or approved, and assist in working with municipalities to secure planning and building permission – meaning that the investment in a golf estate property starts growing as soon as possible.