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5 Themes Explored In Koleka Putuma’s ‘Hullo Bu-Bye KoKo Come In’

As a follow-up to her acclaimed debut poetry collection, ‘Collective Amnesia,’ South African Koleka Putuma has now released ‘Hullo Bu-Bye KoKo Come In,’ and it’s not for the faint of heart. Tackling tough subjects in a brutally honest way has become her hallmark, and while it makes people uncomfortable, it also resonates, and it’s earning her a reputation as a fearless artist.  Putuma explores the complexities that come with womanhood, more especially Black womanhood. The erasure of Black women is a theme woven through the pages of Hullo Bu-Bye KoKo Come In, from beginning to end. Pain and loss, and the resultant grief, again find their place in Putuma’s latest work. Putuma explores the complexity of Christianity and the realm of ancestors and healing. Never one to shy away from speaking about mental illness and related subjects such as self-harm and suicide, Putuma highlights mental health in a way that is both earnest and direct.