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5 Nigerian Knitwear Brands You Need to Know About

Knitwear is regaining its place as a fashion trend with the world’s best dressed incorporating elements of it into their wardrobes. The same holds true in Nigeria where a number of brands are experimenting with bold designs and intricate weaves. Founded in 2018 by Elyon Adede, Elexiay is a perfect example of how knitwear can strip its traditional yokings and embody something fresh. Studio Imo is a boutique design label founded by design duo Edwin Okolo and Imobong Emah. Established in 2013, the brand started off as a  remote collaborative project between both designers who were studying in Ghana and Nigeria. When Vogue Italia did a feature on Bloke in 2016, spotlighting it as one of the emerging talents changing fashion globally, the brand’s sustainability credentials were a noteworthy component. Although still operating low-scale, 21 Wool Street has a brand story that fixates on what it means to be young and outgoing. Veronica Omoniyi Ogochukwu Shokoya founded Floyd Cardigan Collection in 2016 as a practical ready-to-wear brand.