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5 Emerging African Designers to Know

African fashion is having a moment with celebrities from across the globe sporting some of the continent’s most inspiring designs. A good deal of this popularity can be attributed to powerful influencers, such as Anna Toure, a publicist for the industry, who is based in Dakar. With her finger on the pulse of what’s hot, here are her 5 picks for top African designers that should be on your radar. Born in Auvergne to Guineas and Senegalese parents, Fatoumata Guirassy studied style at the Lycée des Métiers de la Mode et des Arts in Riom. Fatoumata Ba’s inspiration is rooted in her fascination with African masks. These masks have a multitude of forms, materials, expressions, symbols, powers, and functions, which make them an inexhaustible source of ideas. Simone and Elise’s outfits never go unnoticed. Sweet and tangy, they reflect the friendship of the two designers, Mariam-Simone Sibidé and Gina Kakou-Marceau, and their vision of the African woman. Based in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, Karidja&Khadija is brewing up legendary tales, mainly from West Africa, which blur the boundaries between classical and contemporary. Experimental, afro-futuristic, and artistic is Selly Kane’s signature. The Senegalese designer breaks down her own influences in the creation of a new universe.