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300,000 Doses For Teachers Have Arrived

Good news for South Africa’s teachers.

300,000 Johnson and Johnson COVID-19 vaccines are ready to be released.

“It’s literally here, those are the first 300,000, the next couple of million, including the Aspen product, the Aspen products will probably arrive within a week but there is another million plus coming which will come out of the J&J supply system which will come by the end of next week so they could start coming in the next two days as well,” said Aspen CEO Stephen Saad. 

“I think we are in a position where we will have sufficient vaccines, millions of vaccines over the next couple of weeks.”

It comes after an Aspen Pharmaceuticals factory in the Eastern Cape was forced to destroy two million doses.

This after the US FDA ordered millions of vaccines be destroyed over possible contamination from a Baltimore factory.