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20 Photographers Capturing the Beauty of Africa to Follow in 2020

If your Instagram feed could use a refresh, start following these 20 African photographers, whose works are stunning, startling and downright gorgeous. Just forget any thoughts about spending less time online in 2020. Orlando Mensah, born and raised in Ghana and currently based in Accra, set up Manju Journal with the aim of championing up-and-coming artists of African descent in an authentic way. With over 40,000 Instagram followers and a website in the making, it hasn’t taken long for his vision to come to life and for the platform to become a vital voice in celebrating emerging African creativity. Kusi Kubi, who splits his time between London and Accra, joined Manju as Fashion Director a little later. The goal for now is to simply keep growing, allowing Manju Journal to forge greater links between artists and institutions, and create more space for creativity to thrive and potential to be realised in Accra and beyond.