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2 British Men Arrested For Entering SA Despite Warnings On Lockdown Rules

Two British nationals and a South African guest house owner are expected to appear in the Durban Magistrates Court on Tuesday morning for contravening the country’s national lockdown regulations.

The men, aged 24 and 33, allegedly entered the country illegally from eSwatini on Saturday, while the guest house owner was criminally charged for accommodating them despite a moratorium on hospitality services.

The three men were in police custody since their arrest on Sunday.

Police spokesperson Brigadier Vish Naidoo said on Sunday the two British suspects were informed at the Golela Border Post that the country was currently on lockdown and that they could not be allowed to enter in accordance with the National Disaster Act regulations.

The two men were then asked to return to eSwatini. However, they ignored instructions from officials.

“They managed to evade arrest initially following a high-speed chase. We then received information that they checked in at a guest house… members from our vehicle crime investigation unit as well as the diplomatic policing unit arrived at the guest house and arrested these two foreign nationals,” Naidoo said.

Naidoo said the British citizens were likely to face at least three charges including theft.

“They are likely to face charges of being in possession of a vehicle suspected to be stolen, for possible violation of the immigration act, and also contravening the regulations of the National Disaster Management Act,” he said.

A rental vehicle suspected to have been stolen that was used by the pair to enter the country was impounded.