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17 Regional Countries have Increased their Travel and Tourism Development Index

The last two years have been extremely challenging for global tourism. It has been a recovery period for the sector after the covid 19 pandemic caused the worst crisis the global travel and tourism sector has experienced in modern times. During this period, lockdowns, travel restrictions, consumer fears, and economic downturns led to a loss of over 62 million jobs and $4.5 trillion in global travel and tourism activity. In all of this, Africa’s tourism sector lost $87 billion.According to the UN World Tourism Organization, international tourist arrivals across Africa have shown a 51 per cent year-on-year increase in 2022. But it is not just international tourist arrivals that have noticeably increased. There has also been an increase in intra-continent travel and tourism. This means more Africans are putting African destinations on their travel list. According to the Travel and Tourism Development Index, 17 regional countries have increased their travel and tourism development index. From blue economies to safaris, here are the top African countries with the fastest-growing travel and tourism sectors.