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113m People to Relocate Within Africa By 2050 Due To Climate Change

Even if the most ambitious temperature ceiling is met, adapting to a world that is warmer than today will be a massive undertaking. Climate change is causing millions of Africans to be uprooted or trapped in their current locations.Unfortunately, the world has made little progress in understanding what it takes to adapt to life on a warmer planet safely. We still lack the scale and urgency of collective and transformative action required to reduce greenhouse gases in accordance with the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.

The majority of future climate-forced migration and displacement in Africa will occur within countries. This reflects current movement geographies on the continent.The number of people moving to seek protection and better livelihoods will increase from 1.5% of Africa’s population today to as many as 5% by 2050. This amounts to about 113 million people.

 The Conversation