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11 Rwandan Artists You Should Be Listening To

For a very long time, the Rwandan music scene lay relatively dormant with radio stations focusing more on international acts than home grown talents. In recent years, however, there’s been an emergence of local artists, who are fashioning a vibrant, new identity for Rwandan music. Bushali came out with superstar energy straight out of the gate, delivering hit after hit and solidifying himself as a main pillar of the ‘KinyaTrap’ movement (Rwanda’s spin on trap music). Kaya Byinshii proclaims her thoughts and feelings in a unique raspy tone, inviting listeners to vibe with her on each track while her vulnerability is on full display. Alyn Sano started out singing in the hotel & bar nightlife circuit in Kigali, making a name for herself among evening revelers as a powerful voice and entertaining live performer. Mike Kayihura has been steadily building a following in Rwanda for several years. He got his start playing the keyboard and singing along to a mixture of original songs and classics like Bob Marley covers.