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100 Most Popular African Foods

If you want to learn all about African cuisine, Taste Atlas has compiled an extensive survey of 100 of the continent’s most popular dishes. From Harissa to Maakouda and everything in between, get ready for inspiration and a delight to your senses. Harissa is a traditional spicy paste originating from Tunisia. This spicy paste is made with roasted red peppers as the main ingredient, along with olive oil and spices and herbs such as cumin, coriander, caraway, and garlic. Often dubbed as the original ice coffee, mazagran consists of strong coffee that is poured over ice. The drink is usually served in a tall, narrow glass or an eponymous glass made from porcelain or clay. The name supposedly derives from Mazagran—a port city in Algeria—which was granted to France by the Treaty of Tafna in 1837. Maakouda are traditional potato fritters that are popular throughout the Maghreb, especially in Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia.