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100 Mentors Unite To Tackle Worst Unemployment In SA History

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An unemployment rate of 34.4%, at least 40 000 South African businesses looted, and approximately R50bn rand of property damage during a week of widespread riots last month has illustrated South Africa is in dire need of leadership and support. The government will require a concerted public-private partnership and the guidance of skilled South Africans to rebuild what has been broken.

Deeply disturbed by these shocking events and figures, Malcom Daitz and Ariel Kolin, Co-CEOs of weFix, decided to contribute to a transformational partnership between weFix and Restore SA to help reconstruct the livelihoods of South Africans affected by the unrest.

The Restore SA initiative, started by Joshua Cox of Fix Forward, focuses on connecting entrepreneurs whose businesses were looted or damaged, with volunteer mentors offering support and guidance so they can access the tools and mentorship required, to begin to rebuild and repair the damage that has occurred.

Restore SA has already managed to onboard over 100 mentors to offer support to affected businesses and they are expecting more in the next few weeks. The Restore SA fund not only aims to provide support in the short term but will continue to assist and grow the businesses on an ongoing basis through the help of their dedicated mentors. 

Mentorship onboarding has been made simple and inclusive, so any business can apply. A website has been created where either a small business owner or mentor can register. Affected small business owners can create a profile and describe the sort of support they need. Volunteers browse these profiles and select which business they are able to support. Restore SA will then send contact details to both the volunteer and business owner for them to connect. Each small business that signs up will receive 1-2 hours of free mentorship per week for at least 2 months.

WeFix has committed funding towards the initiative by dedicating 10% of the value of each trade-in received by weFix to the Restore SA fund. The fund will be managed by a partner NPO, Ranyaka Community Transformation, who will identify the businesses needing support and oversee the disbursement of funds.

Malcolm Daitz, CEO of weFix, adds: “We want people to contribute towards the cause by trading in their devices, knowing that it is going towards rebuilding. We want people to feel that they can be part of the solution, which is to rebuild SA businesses and get them back on their feet again after the losses they have suffered. Each and every little bit helps.”

Restore SA Founder, Joshua Cox, explains that: “The informal economy employs millions of people and in a country plagued by high levels of unemployment, we need these affected businesses to rebuild and prosper. Many small businesses are having to start again from scratch. The informal economy employs millions of people and in a land plagued by high levels of unemployment, we need these businesses to rebuild and prosper. Across the nation, South Africans are heartbroken at the devastation which has unfolded. Men and women with various skills want to support these business owners as they rebuild.”

“WeFix offers the best price for your used, new, old or even broken device. By using our online valuation tool or downloading our weSwitch app we give you the most accurate valuation for your device. With free collection nationwide, automatic updates informing you of your device movements, the process is frictionless, allowing you to sell devices which may be collecting dust in a drawer from the comfort of your couch. In the process, you will be helping small businesses at the same time as putting some extra cash in your own pocket” concludes Daitz.

3 ways you can help:

1. Small business owners and mentors can sign up here:

2. You can donate to the Restore SA fund here:

3. Should you wish to trade-in your device and be part of this transformational initiative through weFix, visit: