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10 Questions With… Nfemi Marcus-Bello      

For Nigerian product designer, Nfemi Marcus-Bello, the process of designing is one of discovery, and he’s just getting started. Since opening his design practice, NMBello Studio, in 2017, he has been on a creative roll, partnering with all manner of global brands to develop designs that offer a contemporary take on historical traditions. In the past few years, the designer has been one of several ushering new life into the country’s design scene—creating products that aren’t just unique but eccentric in gaze. Marcus-Bello earned his bachelors and masters degrees at the University of Leeds where he studied industrial and product design. Then he worked for a few companies and returned to Nigeria to start NMBello Studio where he designs and collaborates with renowned brands at home and abroad. The designer prides himself on creating products from a historical perspective with a contemporary redefinition.